Danza Matachines Tlaxcateca was originally from Torreon Coahuila; Jose Flores is the director of the Danza Matachina Tlaxcalteca Guadalupana Denver Co. He has followed the tradition of Matachines Tlaxcalteca for the last 11 years. He is most likely to be seen in the Cultural Events, in Metro Denver and surroundings. If you want to appreciate their dances you can see them at the church celebraties, and bazaars. They are very dedicated people that practice twice a week to be ready for their event.

This specific group has made a name for them self in Denver and continue on with heritage that was pass on from our ancient Matachines Tlaxcalteca

Danza Matachines Tlaxcalteca

Danza Matachina Tlaxcalteca Guadalupana

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